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Catamaran Yachts: Unparalleled Stability

If there’s anything that has the ability to completely transform your sailing experience, it’s your choice of sailing vessel. Each vessel possesses different features that affect factors such as boat maneuverability, the comfort of your cruise, and more.

This is why it’s important to analyze the design of each sailboat and have your priorities in order before choosing a vessel for yourself. However, when there’s an overabundance of boat types to choose from, it can be fairly difficult to narrow down your options and purchase a vessel that meets your sailing requirements.

For those who prefer a smooth, stable cruise, we recommend catamarans. These multi-hull sailboats possess a unique design which allows it to offer unparalleled stability and a smoother sailing experience than conventionally designed vessels.

What is a Catamaran?

In simple words, catamarans can be defined as sailboats balanced on two hulls separated by a wide space in the middle. The sails of a catamaran are located in the middle and the space between the hulls (or the tunnel, as some call it) are typically left unused. The hulls can, however, be equipped with netting to transform it into a comfortable spot where you can soak up some sunshine and relax.

Catamarans are available in a wide range of sizes. Small to mid-sized catamarans are preferred for sailing and rowing while larger models are used as car ferries or naval ships. In large-sized catamarans, the main cabins or cockpit may be located in the tunnel space between the hulls.

Why You Should Choose a Catamaran

We have firsthand experience of dealing with the mono-hull vs. multi-hull debate, as it’s the most popular topic of discussion among clients interested in purchasing a catamaran. While both design types offer numerous benefits, the perks of a catamaran slightly outweigh those of single-hull sailboats, according to our expertise. Here are some aspects of catamarans that have led us to this conclusion:

Designed for Safety

The most prominent feature of catamarans is its ability to offer safer rides. Rolling and pitching frequently take place at the sea, especially during harsh weather conditions. The beams of single-hulled vessels fail to overcome pitching and rolling, because of their limited width and eventually capsize. The beams of catamarans are relatively wider, which allows them to combat these issues easily and provide a more stable platform and a safer deck in extreme weather conditions.

If the weather conditions are harsh enough to capsize a catamaran, it’s still a much safer option than mono-hulls, as it can act as an emergency raft in an inverted position.

High Speed

When compared to mono-hulls, catamarans are certainly capable of delivering higher average and top speeds. When these boats are sailing across the ocean, air passes through the separation between their hulls. This air lifts the body of the catamaran, which in turn minimizes hull drag and allows the boat to sail at a high pace. This feature is particularly helpful when you’re sailing through harsh weather conditions, as it allows you to speed through the rough patch.

Ease of Anchoring

Dealing with rough anchorages can be difficult, to say the least. Boats with a single hull often end up rolling gunwale to gunwale, which is highly inconvenient as it makes the deck unstable.

Catamarans, on the other hand, acquire a fairly stable position at the anchor. The bridle of every catamaran is attached to both of its bows, which keeps the boats in their place and reduces the possibility of anchor dislodgement.

Convenient Boarding

As single-hulled boats are relatively less stable, boarding these vessels can be a challenging feat. Even the most experienced sailors would struggle when moving from a dinghy to the deck of mono-hulled boats in the past, as older models had higher freeboards. Catamarans wide-stepped transom streamlines boarding, as it can be used to easily get on and off the vessel.

Lower Levels of Fatigue

Motion sickness and fatigue induced by sailing are more common than most people realize. According to a survey, more than 21% of passengers traveling by the sea experience some form of discomfort or feelings of illness during their journey.

While no nautical vessel can offer a ride smooth enough to completely eliminate the possibility of seasickness and fatigue, catamarans make a strong case. The ability of catamarans to track upright on all sailing points allows them to sail in a stable manner, which prevents sailors from experiencing bumps and jerks that can eventually make them feel disoriented and sea-sick.


If you prefer sailing in shallow waters, there’s no better option to pick than catamarans. Conventional mono-hull boats are heavier due to their ballast and keel. Catamarans, on the other hand, are lighter, despite having two supporting sponsons instead of one. This is because the overall weight of the vessel is divided between the extra hulls and the wide beam of catamarans. In addition to being able to tread on shallow water, the boat can also be beached with ease due to its design.

Sailing in a catamaran is an experience unlike any other. Whether you’re just getting into this invigorating sport or have been exploring the water for decades, every moment spent out on the water in this multi-hull blue water cruiser is truly one-of-a-kind.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new or used catamaran to add more stability to your sailing experience, let experts at PYS help you out!

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