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Trade-In FAQs

Do you have questions about trading in your boat? Are you ready to trade up to your next boat? Maybe you want more space, new features, or something completely different! Read our FAQs on trading in and up for answers to the questions on your mind. 

What are the benefits of trading in my boat instead of selling myself?
There has never been better time to trade in your boat for a new one. Used boat market is in high demand and dealers can give you top dollars for your trade towards the purchase of a new boat. When trading in your current boat and moving in to your new boat, in some states, there is a sales tax benefit. You may only pay sales tax on the price of the new boat less the amount of the trade in. Check with your local state registration agency.

What is the difference between trading in my boat and working with a broker to sell my boat?
When you trade in your boat with a dealer, the process is completed and the dealer takes ownership of the boat and is responsible for it moving forward. When using brokerage services to sell you boat, you will continue to own your boat until a buyer purchases your boat. 

What do I need to have to trade my boat in?
Have your title or documentation ready once you decide to trade-in your boat. Being prepared in advances eliminates the last minute search to find these documents.


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