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Center Console: How Does it Work?

For the boating or sport fishing enthusiast today, there is a lot to choose from by way of vessels. According to a news article published by Boating Industry online, various states enjoyed spikes in boat sales the previous year. Further, statistics show that after suffering a steep decline between the years 2009 and 2014, the number of registered recreational boats in the US has increased.  

If you’re among the many fortunate Americans looking to buy a boat this year, you’ve probably already started asking around about what your options are and what you should go for.

Ever Heard of Center Console Boats?

You may or may not have already heard about center console boats. These have in recent years become very popular with recreational boat owners for a number of reasons. Before we get into reasons for their popularity, we’re going to tell you a little on how center consoles work.

Center Console Boat Basics

Center console boats get their names from their design and placement. As opposed to having the operating console fit to one side of the boat like in a side-console, or having two consoles such as in dual consoles, operating consoles in these boats are placed in the center of the vessel.

The cockpit or helm station in center console boats extends to the vessel’s bow allowing for added room and maneuverability particularly during fishing.

Though center console designs were initially intended for smaller vessels, of up to twenty feet in length, today, there are some brilliant designs in the market in sizes exceeding thirty-five feet. Center console boats of this length or size also come equipped with an operational-head within the helm station.

Though center console boats are available with inboard motors as well as other propulsion system options like stern drives, the most popular choice of late have been those with outboard motors.

How and Why Center Console Boats Work!

Center console boats though initially a fisherman and anglers favorite are now also becoming quite popular with those into offshore-boating as well as lake-cruising. We’re going to elaborate on some of the things that make center consoles work out so well across the board.


Due to the positioning of the helm station, the skipper of a C.C. boat enjoys a complete view of the surrounding. We’re talking a full 360-degree in most cases from the stern to the bow. Helm station positioning inside console boats tends to obstruct some of the skippers field of view.

More Space

It doesn’t matter if you’re a serious fishing person in need of extra rod holders or an outdoor enthusiast who simply wants more room for stocks and supplies. When it comes to being spacious, center consoles (again due to helm placement) offer a lot more.

Apart from storage space and even cabin room in larger center console boats, all boats come equipped with adequate room to stash things and move about. You can laze about, rest up below deck and move about freely making this design extremely convenient.

All Directional Casting

If you’re fishing with many people, most boats may limit your casting options to two or three sides of the boat. Center consoles solve this problem which is why they were immensely popular in the fishing community.

Central helm station placement means that lines and rods can be cast in front of the boat, at the back and on both sides. For those fishing in larger groups, this is ideal.


Anyone who has skippered a boat knows how important balance is. One of the most overlooked advantages of center console boats is the fact that balancing them is very easy. Due to the way seating is positioned and free space is utilized, center console boats are a lot more stable than other designs.

Range and Performance

Design particulars such as a deeper cutting hull design and light weight materials mean that most central console boats offer superior range and speed to owners.


Finally, as we said earlier, combining the attributes above means that central console boats are ideal for those looking for versatility. You can use these boats strictly for fishing and the same are great even for competitive fishing purposes.

Alternatively, if you just want to get away on an offshore cruise, these boats offer you the space and fuel efficiency to do just that. Finally, if you just want to take your family out for a fun day at sea and maybe even water skiing, your center console boat is well equipped.

For many who know they want to buy a boat but have not strictly designated a purpose for it, center console boats are brilliant.

Winding Down

There are other boat designs such as catamarans, sail boats and power yachts that you could look into. If, however, you are someone who is purchasing a boat for the first time and want to get your head around the world of offshore boating, investing in a center console boat might be a brilliant idea.

Some of us might already have our preferences and biases with regard to the kind of sea vessels we want and truth be told, each has its advantages. Some are prized for efficiency, others for stability, some for space and others for speed.

All this being said, if you’re looking for a vessel that can be described as a viable all rounder, look into available center console boats. You might just find the perfect vessel or you might come across something else that speaks to you!

In any case, if you’re thinking about buying a boat of any kind, we can help. This includes power yachts, cruising sail boats, and center console models. Our yacht business and brokerage offers new and used yachts as well as other boats and cruisers for sale.

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